Wednesday, September 22, 2010


John Madden strolled into General Sports this evening. I wasn't aware of his identity until an employee informed me that it was indeed him. I quickly darted to a computer to do a google image search to truly confirm it. I pulled this picture off the web so I asked him if he would take his shirt off so I could really make sure it was him*. He declined to do so.

He seemed to be in a pretty glum mood. I couldn't figure out why though at the time. It was when I got home and read Michael Russo's blog when I finally realized why he was so despondent. Russo posted the line-up for Wednesday's first preseason exhibition game where Madden would be centering a line of Chuck Kobasew and Cal Clutterbuck. Anyone would be bummed if they went from a Stanley Cup winning team flooded with talent from their first line all the way to their scratches for the night to having to center a career underachiever and an ass clown. Don't worry though, it's just preseason, these aren't the actual lines for the season, right Mr. Russo?
"Proving that he will indeed go a different route than his first training camp, coach Todd Richards released Wednesday's preseason lineup for Minnesota's exhibition opener against St. Louis, and it doesn't look a whole lot different than we can expect in the regular season."
Well fuck.

I apologize to you, John Madden, for being perplexed by your attitude. At least I didn't make any wise cracks about that other John Madden towards you...I'm thinking of something along the lines of, "So professional hockey player John Madden, do you want to fuck Brett Favre like that ex Coach/Broadcaster John Madden always did?"

Welcome to Minnesota!


*Untrue story

For a cool story on how great John Madden actually is, hit up Kent Youngblood's (Really? Your name is Youngblood and you're writing about hockey...shocking) article at Star Tribune here. Good looks to Sean for that one.

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