Friday, July 8, 2011


Whats up Fire Dan Terhaarettes?  It pains me I don't give this blog more love and attention.

Just wanted to comment quick on something I saw on Puck Daddy today. They linked a breakdown/rating of every broadcast team in the NHL.  It was from SB nation and some fellar named Derek Zona. While I didn't necessarily agree with some of his rankings (mainly his distaste for Jack Edwards) he did bring one of Dan Terhaar's many flaws to attention:
Minnesota Wild: I've actually been embarrassed for Terhaar at times because of his botched pronounciations of player names. He and Mike Haynes from Colorado are neck-and-neck in the race for the most hilarious pronounciation attempts.

Haynes currently leads with "Day La Ray" for Deslauriers, but Terhaar's "FOLIG no" for Foligno was outstanding.  These two toe the company line and rarely talk poorly of the team, going so far as to applaud things like "effort" and "grit" at the end of four-goal losses. Their between-period banter and segments are among the worst in the league.
-SB Nation
He gave Terhaar two stars out of five, which was two too many.  Something pretty interesting was how many smaller/non traditional hockey market broadcast teams ranked high in his eyes.  It's pretty upsetting to go through a list like this and realize we're still suck with voice crack mcgee when there are so many other better play-by-plays out there.  So far this summer I have been on board with everything Fletcher has done for the organization.  I'm drinking the cool-aid.  Now, to make it an even better summer, we need to do something that should of been done six years ago- FIRE DAN TERHAAR.  End this blog.