Wednesday, September 22, 2010


John Madden strolled into General Sports this evening. I wasn't aware of his identity until an employee informed me that it was indeed him. I quickly darted to a computer to do a google image search to truly confirm it. I pulled this picture off the web so I asked him if he would take his shirt off so I could really make sure it was him*. He declined to do so.

He seemed to be in a pretty glum mood. I couldn't figure out why though at the time. It was when I got home and read Michael Russo's blog when I finally realized why he was so despondent. Russo posted the line-up for Wednesday's first preseason exhibition game where Madden would be centering a line of Chuck Kobasew and Cal Clutterbuck. Anyone would be bummed if they went from a Stanley Cup winning team flooded with talent from their first line all the way to their scratches for the night to having to center a career underachiever and an ass clown. Don't worry though, it's just preseason, these aren't the actual lines for the season, right Mr. Russo?
"Proving that he will indeed go a different route than his first training camp, coach Todd Richards released Wednesday's preseason lineup for Minnesota's exhibition opener against St. Louis, and it doesn't look a whole lot different than we can expect in the regular season."
Well fuck.

I apologize to you, John Madden, for being perplexed by your attitude. At least I didn't make any wise cracks about that other John Madden towards you...I'm thinking of something along the lines of, "So professional hockey player John Madden, do you want to fuck Brett Favre like that ex Coach/Broadcaster John Madden always did?"

Welcome to Minnesota!


*Untrue story

For a cool story on how great John Madden actually is, hit up Kent Youngblood's (Really? Your name is Youngblood and you're writing about hockey...shocking) article at Star Tribune here. Good looks to Sean for that one.

Monday, September 20, 2010

'The Return of the Whale' Umm...Yes Please

Puckdaddy is my go to website when it comes to hockey news/rumors/findings. They do a great job over there and are a nice model for what this blog could maybe come to some day. That all comes down to whether or not I can stop procrastinating for the first time in my life. Keep following for further details on that...

Anyway, Greg Wyshynski blogged this morning about the Hartford Wolf Pack (New York Rangers AHL affiliate) changing their name mid-season this upcoming year to the Connecticut Whale...

'But his most aggressive move was reported by the Harford Courant on Monday: According to its sources, Baldwin and Whalers Sports & Entertainment are assuming control of the AHL's Hartford Wolf Pack, the New York Rangers' top affiliate, and will rechristen the team "the Connecticut Whale."'

This is as lovely news as one could hope for Hartford and the history of the Whalers franchise. Obviously the ultimate high mark would be for an NHL franchise to move back to the Connecticut capital, but that could be considered a pipe dream. Also, if that were to happen it would be hard to believe they would adopt their old moniker, considering the franchise is still relevant having relocated to Carolina. It would be a travesty for Hartford to have to introduce a new team name, logo, and culture. Everything about The Whalers was absolutely perfect, minus their season ticket plans. Best logo, best nickname, best team song; I still find myself randomly humming the brass bonanza from time to time. It would be like what Minnesota went through, not being able to have their iconic North Stars logo back. Who knows, Hartford could pick something as stupid as the 'Wild'. How devastating would that be?

So I welcome this new 'Connecticut Whale' name. I don't care that it's not plural. I like the ring of it. I don't think Brody would mind either....

"Breakfast? Breakfast schremkfast. Look at the score for god sake. I'm only in the middle of the second and I'm winning 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go, Rene. Now, Hartford, the Whale? Hey they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime."


Thursday, September 16, 2010


I come here today to officially relaunch my brain child for this upcoming year. It took me two hours to remember my password, I originally set this blog up after a few drinks late one night, but alas I figured it out. You can't hold me down. A proper mission statement is in the near future still but I just wanted to unlock the door and vent in some air for the time being.

My absence can be explained by the notion that I thought that maybe the Wild organization would do something sensible; like fire their entire television broadcasting crew this summer. However, a simple google news search shut those hopes down:

"All Minnesota Wild telecasts will feature play-by-play announcer Dan Terhaar and color analyst Mike Greenlay. A majority of Wild games will be telecast in high-definition this season. A comprehensive high-definition Wild television schedule will be announced at a later date"
So have no fear Wild nation, you will get to endure the same mind numbing telecasts for your favorite team that you have been since the 2003-2004 season. Awesome.

This is the early stage in what I hope will become something special this upcoming NHL season. Do I feel bad wishing the termination of ones career in a rough economy? Absolutely not. The NHL is an important element in my life and can directly effect my happiness and mood. So it goes without saying that if I did not have the center ice package the previous two years I would be more agitated than I normally am.

So lets get this party started and join me in creating the one bandwagon in town you're not ashamed to be riding on.