Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I don't get Versus.

So I'm fucked.

Signed up for GameCenter Live because none of the Pitt-TB games are on versus so I figured I could stream those ones at least.  NOPE.  Sent this email to customer support.

Very dissatisfied with all of this.  I'm a Tampa Bay Lightning fan living in Minnesota and all I want to be able to do is watch the TB-PITT games!  So I signed up for a monthly payment because none of the TB-PITT games are on Versus. I figured this was my best shot but the game won't load after signing up.  None of the games will load actually. 

So please stop service.  I don't want a resolution.  It has been under 5 days so please give me my money back.

I hate the NHL, I hate Garry Bettman, I hate Versus, and I hate ESPN.  Please give me my money back.  Thanks.

-Tyler P. Hoiseth

Very Frustrated.