Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Sorry Folks.

I have been without internet for a good two weeks now.  It is pretty painful.  I'm at the library now throwing this excuse together.  I could also use the excuse that even if I did have internet I would be too busy with moving preparations to blog- but that would be a lie because I have mostly been playing hockey, watching hockey, drinking beer, and sleeping in my car during snow storms in uptown.  That and jerking off takes up a lot of time.

Anyway, hopefully I can set up my cable and everything for my new place right away and get rolling on it.  I'll be pretty bored there so I foresee this blog getting a lot more attention. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Hopefully I see some of you later in the week.


Friday, November 12, 2010


Doing it for the fans.  That is what I'm about.  Because truth be told, I would much rather be watching the Lightning-Pens game than the Wild-Panthers match tonight.  But I have neglected the blog for a week now, and I need to show my worth.  We'll call this a beta run, so hang in there with me if you actually might follow along with me tonight- sincerely doubt that but you never know, I know Froda is out lurching somewhere.

I didn't get to catch the Wild's game vs. the Thrashers last night.  That was probably for the best considering it sounded like they really shit the bed all night.  I listened to it on the AM at work and even the announcers there sounded bored-pretty sure they just left in the third period and went across the street to watch the Falcons-Ravens highly entertaining game.

Russo has been tweeting that Falk will most likely be a healthy scratch on defense tonight.  That is too bad.  I like Falk.  Big, Goofy, Canadian.  Honest kid too telling Russo after the loss, "I was terrible. I need to be better."  Conversely, Cam Barker needs to do something soon.  And when I say something I mean ANYTHING.  He has been a lost soul since being traded for last season.  

Fun fact if you were wondering what ever happened to Kim Johnsson, well he isn't even playing hockey anymore.  You would figure that he could at least play overseas somewhere and make a ton of money again but his family apparently settled down quite nicely in Edina and he is very family oriented so he didn't pursue anything.  That is the rumor in cake eater land at least.  I suppose you can settle down pretty nice when you steal as much money from the Wild as he did.

Just realized that the puck doesn't drop until 6:30 tonight.  Sweet, I'll be able to watch a little bit of the Tampa-Pitt game.  Running blog after the jump for the wild game.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I thought tomorrow evenings Wild game vs. the Flames was going to be my first live blog/running diary experience-however, it has come to my attention that slacker Chris Williams works directly with Excel Energy Center these days and has readily available tickets for the Flames game.  The team of 18,000 has fastly become the team of "who gives a shit".  I swear more people care about the T-Wolves losing by almost 70 points combined their last two games than a team of certain mediocrity.  BUT HEY PEOPLE...this is the best team in town these days- Go support them!  I will be there supporting them-wearing a Hartford Whalers t-shirt no doubt, but I'll be there.

Join me on Twitter as I'll be undoubtedly drunk, and tweeting the entire nights events

Until tomorrow night my fellow puck heads