Thursday, September 16, 2010


I come here today to officially relaunch my brain child for this upcoming year. It took me two hours to remember my password, I originally set this blog up after a few drinks late one night, but alas I figured it out. You can't hold me down. A proper mission statement is in the near future still but I just wanted to unlock the door and vent in some air for the time being.

My absence can be explained by the notion that I thought that maybe the Wild organization would do something sensible; like fire their entire television broadcasting crew this summer. However, a simple google news search shut those hopes down:

"All Minnesota Wild telecasts will feature play-by-play announcer Dan Terhaar and color analyst Mike Greenlay. A majority of Wild games will be telecast in high-definition this season. A comprehensive high-definition Wild television schedule will be announced at a later date"
So have no fear Wild nation, you will get to endure the same mind numbing telecasts for your favorite team that you have been since the 2003-2004 season. Awesome.

This is the early stage in what I hope will become something special this upcoming NHL season. Do I feel bad wishing the termination of ones career in a rough economy? Absolutely not. The NHL is an important element in my life and can directly effect my happiness and mood. So it goes without saying that if I did not have the center ice package the previous two years I would be more agitated than I normally am.

So lets get this party started and join me in creating the one bandwagon in town you're not ashamed to be riding on.


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