Thursday, March 3, 2011


What has happened to The Wild since November and my last post?  I believe it went something like won 3, lose 3, won 2, lose 3, won 4, lose 2, won 4, lose 2.  Don't hold me to that, it's just a guess and how I feel the season has gone so far.  Luckily for them the Western Conference is a complete log jam and if they get hot for the last 3-4 weeks they should sneak in.  Unfortunately for them they lost their best player when they were playing their greatest hockey.  The loss of Mikko Koivu might be what ultimately fucks the Wild.  I don't understand the lack of activity from Fletcher around the trade deadline.  The entire week leading up to the Monday deadline we kept hearing quotes from Fletcher camp that he was happy with the line-up and their was a lot of unity and "team chemistry".  This pisses me off because there were moves to be made and the amount of chemistry on the wild isn't being shown on the ice.  The Brunette-Mittens line is absolutely brutal without a young worker to make up for two old guys with medium to zero speed.   Cullen definitely couldn't carry the load.  Havlat and PMB have been pretty awesome together and Brodziak is a nice center for them but now that will probably be fucked around with because once again, no other center options for this team.  So good looks Fletcher.  Your team is 2-4 since the loss of Koivu and you just lost to Trevor Gilles and the New York Islanders. Also, looking at this squad, its hard to believe that we have cap issues.  If we have cap issues I'm curious to know how the Flyers are doing in that department with their depth.  Not so good Al....

The Wild are back in action again tonight at MSG and are pretty much desperate for 2 points. The intensity of these games at this point in the season is killing me.  You feel so dejected after a loss like last night. So hopefully the wild will go one direction or another and quit this win 2, lose 2 game they have been doing all season.


Depending on the quality of stream I get for tonight-follow the game with me on twitter @firedanterhaar


  1. They won't make the playoffs. Not after last night's performance. I will follow you via twitter though.

  2. I'm pretty sure Mark Parish is still on the Wild payroll...

    Go Flyers!