Friday, November 12, 2010


Doing it for the fans.  That is what I'm about.  Because truth be told, I would much rather be watching the Lightning-Pens game than the Wild-Panthers match tonight.  But I have neglected the blog for a week now, and I need to show my worth.  We'll call this a beta run, so hang in there with me if you actually might follow along with me tonight- sincerely doubt that but you never know, I know Froda is out lurching somewhere.

I didn't get to catch the Wild's game vs. the Thrashers last night.  That was probably for the best considering it sounded like they really shit the bed all night.  I listened to it on the AM at work and even the announcers there sounded bored-pretty sure they just left in the third period and went across the street to watch the Falcons-Ravens highly entertaining game.

Russo has been tweeting that Falk will most likely be a healthy scratch on defense tonight.  That is too bad.  I like Falk.  Big, Goofy, Canadian.  Honest kid too telling Russo after the loss, "I was terrible. I need to be better."  Conversely, Cam Barker needs to do something soon.  And when I say something I mean ANYTHING.  He has been a lost soul since being traded for last season.  

Fun fact if you were wondering what ever happened to Kim Johnsson, well he isn't even playing hockey anymore.  You would figure that he could at least play overseas somewhere and make a ton of money again but his family apparently settled down quite nicely in Edina and he is very family oriented so he didn't pursue anything.  That is the rumor in cake eater land at least.  I suppose you can settle down pretty nice when you steal as much money from the Wild as he did.

Just realized that the puck doesn't drop until 6:30 tonight.  Sweet, I'll be able to watch a little bit of the Tampa-Pitt game.  Running blog after the jump for the wild game.

5:50-  Enough time before the game to carb up with a nice noodle bowl?  I think so.

6:02-  Suck Vinny broke his hand last night.  He had been playing considerably better in comparison to last season.  He actually tried playing later in that game with the broken hand- have to love hockey players.  

6:15- Everybody Clap your hands- CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP and so on.  Go arena music.  I must say that the Xcel Energy center's music selection was much MUCH better than any of the games I attended in the past.  Coincidence that happens the same week Chris Williams starts working there?!?  No, because he likes shit music.  I wish they would just have the organ play the whole game.   

6:23- Just switched over to Wild Live and Greenlay was talking about how to properly dump a puck in.  I wonder if the Capitals pregame show has to go over stuff like this? 

6:35-  Just took a sip of my coke and realized I bought coke vanilla.  Bad memories of mixing coke vanilla with vanilla flavored vodka.  Deadly combo.  Manly?  No.

6:40- Looks like a packed house tonight...Must be Hairball concert in town or something.

6:42- I really don't like the whole "light the lamp" thing that the Wild and Gophers do (Where each tv personality picks a player who they think will score that night, and than the fans have a "pick" too).  What is even worse is when the broadcasters reference their picks during the game.  NO ONE CARES WHO YOU PICKED!

6:47-  Line of Cullen-Clutterbuck-Wellman?!? Wha wha wa.  I love it.

6:50- Wild acting like a bunch of spaz's on defense results in a Florida garbage goal.  Jose had an oppurtunity to grab---Woops, quick transition and another Panther goal. Wild down 0-2.  Oh boy, could be a long night, especially with these rowdy fans...

6:52- Richards calls a timeout.  Probably talking about how many different thrift stores his hometown of Crystal, MN has to offer.

6:55- First TV timeout.  Do you think I can take a shit faster than Florida scores their next goal?  We'll see.

6:58-  It took 8 replays for Greenlay to finally realize that Clutterbucks shot trickled through Vokoun.  He thought the video guys were just showing replays because it was such a fantastic sputtering shot...dumb fuck.

7:02- Wellman draws a penalty with his feet and hard work.  Speed is this crazy new thing happening hockey.  Apparently it's beneficial to have.

7:12- Theodore dives, draws penalty.  Goaltender Interference, the easiest penalty to fake in the league.

7:15- GOAL- Clutterbuck puts rebound away on the PP.  Have to respect the Wild's power play.  Came out of nowhere this season to be number 1.

7:19- 2-1 after 1.  The Wild actually looked pretty good after Richards took that time to talk about the thrift stores of Crystal.  Time for me to find the smokers lounge.  Oh it's in the garage?  Cool.

7:25- Keep those comments and questions coming guys.  It's your involvement that is making me sacrifice this Friday night completely worth it!

7:36- The NHL sucks at pretty much everything promotion and marketing wise but I have to give them props on their ad campaigns the last few season.  Their "questions will be answered" ads are pretty awesome this season.

7:40- Wild kill Stoner penalty to start the 2nd.  Also, I killed my third bowl of pasta.  I'm a growing boy.

7:43- Started to get a headache, muted the tv and blasted "Rocket Man" cover by Steven Drozd & Maynard J Keenan.  Headache gone.  My brain knows what is good and what is not.

7:50- We used to call headshots on goalies "5 pointers" during JV hockey practice at BSM.  Theodore almost died. 

7:53- Beer also helps cure headaches...

7:58- So if you clear the puck from the defensive zone and it happens to go on net it's not counted as a shot.  But what happens when things get fluky and it goes in?  Does it count as a shot than?  FDT, asking all the tough questions.

8:02- Theodore keeping the Wild in the game.  HEY did you know that Theodore is a former MVP of the league?  FDT, breaking all the hard hitting news.

8:08- 2nd period = zzz.  Have the Wild put together 3 consecutive periods this season where they look like they know what they're doing?  Doubtful.

8:10- Have to take a shower and run to the package store (Also known as liquor store for most middle-Americans).  If I got paid to do this I wouldn't go on an errand like this in the middle of the game...That is probably a lie.

8:40- BACK.  Seems like I missed a lot...Much love goes to the Wild's radio announcers.  Appreciation post coming soon.

8:45- And Dan Terhaar's first voice crack!  Wow, that took awhile.  Be proud of yourself Dan.

8:46- Another point blank range save for Theodore.  Definitely the Wild's #2 star of the game.  #1 star still has to go to Todd Richards for that speech about thrift shops in the Crystal area.

8:50- Ok folks, all your comments have been great and this might be disappointing but the night is calling me and I'm going to head out.  I know I know.  I'm sorry.  I'll listen on the radio and come back and edit a finish so I can include this in my portfolio for my job application to PuckDaddy.  This game is going nowhere and beer sounds really nice right now.  Have a good night, and I'll see you when I see you.



  1. Dan's Gay FriendNovember 12, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    Dude, the Wild suck.

  2. I thought it was solid. If I knew you were doing this I would have followed along. I would still enjoy a coveritlive though.

    BTW dude above me; the Wild don't suck.

  3. Dan's Gay FriendNovember 13, 2010 at 9:04 AM

    C'mon, they're on par with the Avalanche, they suck. Actually I haven't watched them much at all this year minus the game I was watching when they were playing Vancouver when Rypien shoved that Wild fan in the stands and the Wild were beating the shit out of them. Did anyone catch this video from the Avs-Blue Jackets game last night??

  4. No the wild are not good. I wish they were on par with the Aves, but they aren't. That video is relevant.

    Looks like we need some FDT forums!!!

    Anyway, I'm Sean, and I troll around this blog. The author said I could post sometimes, but he was lying. I hope to hear more from you through out the year.

  5. Dan's Gay FriendNovember 13, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    Sweet, well I am Dan's gay friend. I'm not really gay, but I do like the Avs. I'll probably post more on here on the occasional nights that I drink 5 or 6 shitty beers and watch a game or two.

  6. It's a little embarrassing that after turning Rory onto this blog it took me 2 months to realize he was Dan's Gay Friend. You guys may remember Rory as "The guy who does Dan's fantasy hockey drafts" or as "The guy who bitches out on Dan's bachelor party"

    Nice update Tyler. I too would have followed along live if I had seen this coming. But given that you blog just a little more frequently than you call me back, my hopes were low.